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Unique lighting

QUASAR Being a rising star

Are you looking for unique lighting for your restaurant, hotel or theatre? Are you looking for a unique lighting to create the right atmosphere? Then look no further. We warmly welcome you to Quasar. Quasar is located in a beautiful village in Brabant in the south of Netherlands. Thanks to our many years of experience, we know very well how to meet your needs. We are known for our contemporary, unique and tailor-made unique lighting for our customers. In our spacious showroom in Giessen you will find a wide range of our unique lamps. You will find standing lamps, pendant lamps and cluster lamps, amongst many others. The possibilities for personally composing your desired lamp are no problem at all at Quasar. Quasar is the right place to find unique lighting.

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Unique perspective

Customized sustainable and unique lighting

Quasar is known for its diversity and unique projects. Because we combine brass, aluminum and stainless steel with LED lighting, we produce the most beautiful creations for our customers. We have been working with LED lighting for over 10 years now, because LED is durable, energy efficient and cost effective. Almost all our models are equipped with the best LED quality. With the right lighting, you can easily change the atmosphere in a room. Lamps and lighting are very decisive for the atmosphere in your living room, foyer or office. Quasar’s designs are unique, contemporary and completely customised. Do you have questions about the different LED lamps or are you looking for advice for the purchase of unique lighting? You can always contact one of our employees without any obligation. We are happy to advise you. Quasar is a real family business that likes to be there for its customers. We are known for our beautiful collection of lighting in different styles, such as classic, timeless and modern. All designs are produced in our own workshop in the Netherlands. All models can be made completely to the customer’s desired size and colour.

Buying unique lighting from Quasar

Quasar annually renews the collection with completely new models. Quasar’s designs are unique and can be completely customised, so you always have the perfect lighting you are looking for. We work together with world famous top designers such as Pii, Jan Pauwels and Jan des Bouvrie. Since 1992, our brand awareness has crossed borders, as in that year we presented our unique designs in Milan. Are you curious about our unique range of unique lighting? We would like to invite you to take a look at this user-friendly website. Let yourself be surprised and inspired by our unique lighting.

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