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QUASAR Being a rising star

Do you need to fill the empty space in your stairwell, so you are searching for a stairwell chandelier? Have you gotten desperate, because you just cannot seem to find the right stairwell chandelier? Stop worrying, as you have come to the right place here at Quasar Holland! Our collection is large and diverse and you will most definitely find the perfect stairwell chandelier. Quasar Holland was internationally launched in 1992 and since then, we started building our collection. In order to keep it strong and growing, we add completely new models to it every year. What we also have been doing during all these years, is offering customized lighting. Going back to your stairwell chandelier, this means that you can pick out a model and then you get to choose the colour, the finish and the size. In our collection, besides the stairwell chandelier, you find many other forms of lighting. Mix and match and create a beautiful atmosphere in your home, hospitality company, office, retail or public space. Take a look at our collection, where we offer:

  • suspended and suspension lamps,
  • ceiling lamps,
  • floor lamps,
  • table lamps,
  • wall lamps.

You can also click on the virtual showroom tour, where you get to see the lighting in different settings. It gives you a good idea of ​​what the lamp will look like in a particular room. You will love our Julia series, the Spy stairwell chandelier or the Spectre!

Get inspired by the lighting of Quasar!

Unique perspective

Famous designers for stairwell chandelier

Quasar Holland always works together closely with world famous designers, from the Netherlands but also from abroad. Those top designers are well-known for their timeless and unique designs. We manufacture all models in our own production hall in Giessen, where our company is located. Almost all our lighting has the best LED (light-emitting diode) quality installed. Quasar Holland has worked with LED for more than 10 years now, because LED is, as you are aware, sustainable, energy-efficient and cost-effective. Quasar Holland presents our new collection proudly at Euroluce, the International Lighting Exhibition, which is held every two years in Milan, Italy. At this exhibition, one gets presented the very latest devices for outdoor, indoor and industrial lighting to lighting for shows and events, hospital lighting and special use lighting, home automation and lighting systems, light sources and lighting application software. Over the years we have become a serious world player within the international high-end lighting market. Now, our export accounts for 85% of turnover. Quasar Holland continues to look ahead and has realized an inhouse Quasar Lab. The Lab is a workplace for our designers and others who are engaged in conceiving, designing and developing new products or objects. Arjens van Gammeren states: ” We embrace the young generation with knowledge of the latest techniques and skills. With this young generation we are able to keep following our ambition in making contemporary designs.”


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