Beautiful ring light made by Quasar Holland

QUASAR Being a rising star

Are you interested in new lighting and your preference is a ring light? Does the form of a ring appeal to you as a lighting design? At Quasar Holland, thé Dutch lighting designers, we have several examples of the ring light in our collection. Quasar Holland is located in Giessen, Netherlands, which is just a small town. However, we work with world famous designers, who are renowned for their excellent and unique lighting designs, such as a ring light.

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Unique perspective

Ring light as a rising star

A spectacular ring is is the Spectre Chandelier, designed by Jan Pauwels. Pauwels says about this ring light: “Various halo rings are visible on a cloudy day with my ring light. It is an asymmetric composition of various rings but it is completely in balance. The circuit boards have LEDs on both sides. Two third of the light goes down and one third goes up.”

Another beatiful ring light is the Moonlight Suspension by Hoffmann Kahleyss. This ring light can be purchased with a single ring, but also with double or triple rings, which gives it a stunning effect. The clever use of the materials gives this ring light a luxurious, yet mysterious aura.


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Ring light custom made

All our designs are fully customized. The only thing you do is pick your favourite model and then you choose the size. We make sure it fits in the room your are planning it for. We offer different colours of the ring light or you decide on the finish, like copper, brass, bronze or silver. Because we are a lighting designer, we make sure we have matching table lamps, floor lamps and wall lamps. Together with the ring light they create the perfect ambiance. Quasar Holland offers lighting for:

Quasar Holland’s approach for ring light

At Quasar Holland we are proud of the dedicated approach of all our employees to create the most perfect lighting for our customers worldwide. We start by selecting the ultimate design, then search for the best materials. We feel responsible for the quality of your ring light, feeling that every light is a new challenge. We are organized, work with pleasure and, we keep working on innovation. This is why we have recently installed our own Quasar Lab. Owners John and Arjens van Gammeren state: “In our Lab creativity meets technology and experience meets innovation. The Lab is a workplace for our designers and all the people engaged in conceiving, designing and developing new products or objects. In it, people work together to solve design problems. They work with 3D modelling software, not only for designing, but also for improving our products.”

Quasar Holland since 1992

Quasar Holland was founded in 1992 by Teun van Gammeren, who launched this company internationally at Euroluce in Milan, Italy, that same year. Over the years, we have become a serious world player within the international high-end lighting market. We manufacture all our lighting models ourselves in our own production hall in Giessen. There, you also find our offices and our showroom, in which you are more than welcome. You don’t have the opportunity to travel to us? We invite you to take the virtual tour of our showroom here on the website. Our collection is unique and timeless, and completely new models are added to it every year.