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QUASAR Being a rising star

Are you looking for restaurant lighting? Are you a restaurant owner and you need to replace your restaurant lighting? Maybe you are operating a chain of restaurants and they all need a restaurant lighting make over? Quasar Holland knows how! We have years of experience, as our company started in 1992 already. We manufacture all our lighting and restaurant lighting in our own production hall in Giessen, Netherlands, where our offices are also located. Maybe you need to make a combination in restaurant lighting with hotel lighting? It is no problem, as hospitality industry lighting is our specialty! For more than ten years now, Quasar Holland works with LED. Almost all our models are equipped with the best LED quality. LED (light-emitting diode) is durable, energy efficient and cost effective. Our restaurant lighting is unique, contemporary and can be fully customized according to your wishes; for each model you can choose size, colour and finish. For all our lighting models we work together closely with world famous designers, each of them bursting with creativity. For over a decade, Quasar Holland has been working with LED. Almost all our models are equipped with the best LED quality. As you know, LED (light-emitting diode) is durable, energy efficient and cost effective.

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Unique perspective

Beautiful fitting restaurant lighting

For Quasar Holland it does not matter where your restaurant is located, we bring restaurant lighting to all places in the world. In our collection you find ceiling lamps, chandeliers, floor lamps, suspended lamps, suspension lamps, table lamps and wall lamps. Our whole collection must stand out like star, enhancing the atmosphere in your restaurant, but also in your home, hotel, club, bar or entrance to your store or office. We chose the name Quasar on purpose, as it means ‘a rising star’. It is precisely what we aim for with all our lighting designs, especially restaurant lighting, and with our company.

Restaurant lighting at Euroluce

In 1992 our founder Teun van Gammeren launched Quasar Holland internationally at Euroluce in Milan, Italy. Euroluce is the world famous International Lighting Exhibition, held biennially. The most innovative solutions in the field of light for interiors and exteriors are presented during the exhibition. It is recognized as the global benchmark lighting exhibition and seen as the most avant-garde trade fair in the field of eco-sustainability and energy saving in the lighting technology sectors. Back then, we offered mostly cast metal lighting designs, available in three finishes: raw aluminium, polished aluminium and bronze, which fitted in three categories: classic, timeless or modern ambience. We offer many more finishes now, for instance we brass of copper, and many colours. Each year we renew our collection with complete new models.


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