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Restaurant lighting

QUASAR Being a rising star

Do you own a restaurant and are looking for restaurant lighting? Are you interested in new restaurant lighting, because the current restaurant lighting is not up to date anymore? When you are thinking about replacing your restaurant lighting, you have reached the right place! Quasar Holland has specialized in restaurant lighting and we offer this in various forms. When you take a look at our collection on the website, you see that we offer ceiling lamps, floor lamps, table lamps, wall lamps, chandeliers and suspension lamps. Each one of them provides the right lighting, sufficient for reading the menu’s or whine lists, but always creating atmospheric lighting for the right ambiance. Quasar Holland, a family business, was launched internationally by our founder in 1992 at Euroluce in Milan. Then, the whole collection consisted mainly of cast metal lighting designs and they were available in three finishes: raw aluminium, polished aluminium and bronze. All lighting fit in the categories classic, timeless or modern ambience, and it still does. Since then, our collection has changed significantly and we offer many more finishes besides aluminium and bronze, in order to make especially our restaurant lighting even more applicable. We keep striving to live up to the name of our company: Quasar means ‘rising star’.

Be inspired by Quasar’s lighting!

Unique perspective

Beautiful fitting restaurant lighting

All our lamps are timeless, and they truly fit both categories modern and classic. Every year Quasar Hollands makes sure to renew the collection with completely new models in order to provide our customers with remarkable designs for their restaurants or other businesses in the hospitality industry. Beautiful lighting certainly contributes to guests visiting their restaurants or hotels more often. For more than 10 years now, Quasar Holland has been working with LED (light-emitting diode) for the simple reasons that LED is sustainable, energy efficient and cost effective. Almost all our models are equipped with the best LED quality. All our designs are manufactured in our own production hall in Netherlands.

Famous designers create restaurant lighting

Over the past years Quasar Holland has become a serious world player within the international high-end lighting market. Our export accounts for 85% of turnover. A big part of that is because Quasar Holland collaborates with world famous designers. Dutch designers and international designers have given our collection a great boost. We guarantee that each design is unique and timeless and that all restaurant lighting can be tailored, meeting your requirements and tastes like colour, finish and size.

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