Project lights

QUASAR Being a rising star

Need project lights? If you want to install project lighting, Quasar is the right place to go. Project lights is an excellent way to highlight your enterprise or your product, so as to get the right attention from your customers. Of course, project lighting can also be applied in a private environment to light spaces in a special way. You can turn to us for customized project lights. If you take a look at our selection and find a lamp that appeals to you, we can customize it for you. Also if it is slightly different from what you want exactly, you will at least get inspired. You can choose from different materials that all have a different effect. For example aluminum, brass, bronze and stainless steel. All designs can be made entirely to the size and color of your desire. We are a specialist when it comes to exclusive lamps. We will gladly provide assistance in creating your perfect lamp.We are proud of the fact that we have been using led lighting for more than ten years and we keep working on new innovation techniques. It goes without saying that we only use the best materials for all project lights, that are produced in our own workplace.

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Unique perspective

Project lights of famous top designers

Our project lights are unique and contemporary. We work together with world-famous top designers like Jan des Bouvrie and Edward of Vliet. They frequently turn up with beautiful new designs and for that reason we annually renew our collection with completely new designs. This makes Quasar one of the most creative lighting companies. With our lamps you know for sure that your space gets a unique appearance. All of our lamps are produced hand-made in our workshop in Giessen. This assures you that it is one of a kind. We have been in existence since 1992. In that year we introduced ourselves at an international trade fair in Milan. We established many new contacts there. We export across the entire planet. Currently, our export is approximately 75 per cent of the total revenue. Inquire at our dealers about the possibilities of Dutch LED project lights.

Project lights made of LED

We have worked with LED lighting for 10 years. LED is sustainable, energy-efficient and cost-efficient. Almost all of our designs are equipped with the best LED quality. This is what characterizes our company. We make green choices and are environment-conscious. If you choose a Quasar lamp, then you go for an eyecatcher in your home or enterprise that emits the right light. Our lamps are timeless and fit any interior. We consider it a challenge to think along with you about the perfect lamp and lighting. Our experienced team will set to work for you!


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