Luxury light manufactured by Quasar Holland

QUASAR Being a rising star

Are you a fan of luxury light and are you therefore, looking for a company with a great collection of luxury lights? At Quasar Holland you will find the perfect luxury light you could ever imagine. Quasar Holland was founded in 1992 and we have always had the luxury light as our main focus. And, we add immediately to this, we make sure the luxury light of your preference fits perfectly in the room you have in mind. You see, at Quasar Holland we are able to completely customize every luxury light in our collection. You choose the luxury light model you like, and then you choose the size, finish or colour. It is that simple! We manufacture all lighting ourselves in our own production hall in Giessen, where you also find our offices and our showroom. We create luxury light to be used in:

  • hospitality,
  • homes,
  • offices,
  • public space,
  • retail.

In case you are unable to visit us in Giessen, we suggest you take the virtual tour of our showroom, which gives a perfect impression of what we are able to do for you. Let us know if you are looking for a special luxury light!

Get inspired by the lighting of Quasar!

Unique perspective

Luxury light, only from Quasar Holland

Quasar Holland was launched internationally at the world-renowned lighting exhibition Euroluce in Milan, Italy, in 1992 as well. Ever since that day, we collaborate with world-famous designers, who create the most beautiful timeless designs. All our lighting fits easily into the categories timeless, classic and modern ambiance. A unique luxury light is instantly recognises as ‘a Quasar’ all over the world. We have become a serious player on the high-end lighting market, exporting to all corners of the world.

Because of the designers, we can add completely new models to our collection every year. For more than a decade we have been installing LED into almost all our models of luxury light. The reasons are known: LED is cost-effective, sustainable and energy-efficient.

The team of Quasar Holland is dedicated every day to manufacture high-quality luxury light for our customers. We select the best materials, work organized and with pleasure, and this shows in all our lighting. When possible, we make use of smart innovations which we develop in our own Quasar Lab. Second generation Arjens and John van Gammeren say: “In our Lab creativity meets technology and experience meets innovation. The Lab is a workplace for our designers and all the people engaged in conceiving, designing and developing new products or objects. They team up to solve design problems. They work with 3D modelling software, not only for designing, but also for improving our products.”


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