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QUASAR Being a rising star

Choosing the right lighting can be difficult, but Quasar Holland can no doubt help you with your light project. Whether you are looking for new lighting in your whole house or just a room, in your offices or only the office entrance, in your hospitality business or really any other place you need a light project for, Quasar Holland has the answers, experience and craftsmenship. The family owned company works with national and international top designers, each and every single one of them renowed for his or her light project. Their creativitiy, combined with the fact that Quasar manufactures the light project in their own production hall, makes a winning team. A huge benefit is that Quasar Holland’s lighting is timeless, unique and, most importantly, fully customized. You have every say in your light project, from design to finishing and colour. Whether it is a table lamp, wall lamp, floor lamp, ceiling lamp, suspension lamp or chandelier you are looking for in a classic, modern or as mentioned before timeless ambience, you will undoubtly end up with a one of kind light project, easily and instantly recognised as a typical Quasar.

Get inspired by the lighting of Quasar!

Unique perspective


All over the world you can come across a Quasar light project. Once the founder launced his company internationally at Euroluce in Milan in 1992, the company has been a rising star. Which is, you guessed it, the exact meaning of the term ‘quasar’. Introducing new models every year onto the national and international market combined with the constant developing of each light project, Quasar has now reached the 85% mark of exporting their lighting. In homes, offices, hotels and theatres people can enjoy the radiant or soft lighting made by Qasar, just like you imagined it.

Quasar Hollands works with LED light project

As we all are using LED lights ourselves more and more, so does Quasar. For more than ten years now, Quasar Holland had been working with LED lights and will surely continue to implement the LED lights in future light projects. LED lights (light-emitting diode) are energy efficient, durable and cost effective. The reason for that are the components of an LED light and the way they generate light consequently extend the lifespan of regular light bulbs.  These days, almost all light models made by Quasar are equipped with the best LED quality.


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