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Are you looking for lighting large? Quasar produces customized lamps, especially for you. Do you have a large space where hanging lamps would suit nicely? Then Quasar lamps are a good option! We have a wide range of lighting large lamps and expand our assortment annually. Is the lamp of your dreams not among those on the website? Then don’t hesitate and contact us, as we can customize any lamp! Every lamp we make is unique and you won’t find it in any other house or building. Quasar keeps innovating and adds new designs to the assortment every year. We work together with top designers across the entire planet. Did you know that Quasar even made lamps that are hanging in Disneyland Paris? We have a unique and exceptional collection of lighting large lamps. Contact us free of obligation to view the possibilities.

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Quasar will design a customized lighting large for you. Did you find a unique design that appeals to you? Then the design will be adjusted such that it fits perfectly in the kitchen or lounge or other space. Are you not sure about the possibilities of lighting large lamps, then feel free to visit us and get inspired by the many lamps. The possibilities at Quasar are endless and that is what we like to show you. Together with our top designers we repeatedly create unique designs that are for sale to individuals or businesses. No one else has an extensive and unique lamp collection like Quasar Holland. Jan des Bouvrie and Marko Schregardus are among the designers who design lamps for us. It doesn’t matter which designer created the lamp, as each of them makes wonderful lamps. In addition to the design you can also pick the colors. Which materials would you like to be used? We have a wide range of lighting large.


Quasar has been a growing company for more than 15 years. Quasar Holland was founded in 1992. We are based in the village of Giessen, in the province  of Brabant (the Netherlands). It all started by selling lamps in the region, but meanwhile we have grown into a company that supplies worldwide. We work together with different dealers across Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe and America. Are you curious about who our dealers are? Then take a quick look on our website and discover the dealers and designers.

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