Lighting large

QUASAR Being a rising star

Are you running into problems with lighting large? Are you searching for the right lighting large? We don’t want to brag, but Quasar Holland is most definitely the lighting designer for lighting large you are looking for! Our family company has been working in the field of lighting large since 1992, when our company was internationally launched at Euroluce in Milan, Italy.  Euroluce is the biyearly famous International Lighting Exhibition. The exhibition presents the most innovative solutions in the field of light. The exhibition is recognized as the global benchmark lighting exhibition and is famous for the design culture. Ever since our launce we try to live up to our company name: Quasar means ‘a rising star’. We have become a serious world player within the international high-end lighting market, specializing in lighting large. Our exports accounts for 85% currently. All our models for lighting large are manufactured in our own production hall in Giessen, Netherlands, and they are based on a modular design. 

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Unique perspective

Lighting large customized totally

It is important to know that all our lighting large can be totally customized. Quasar Holland fulfills all your requirements and preferences, so you are guaranteed to purchase the perfect lighting large. Over the years, we have built a large collection of various ceiling lamps, floor lamps, table lamps, wall lamps, chandeliers or suspension lamps, which can all be completely customized. You can choose the size, colour and finish in order to create your own unique lighting large. This way, the lighting large stands out in the lighting large world and it surely contributes to the right atmosphere in larger spaces. At the start in 1992, our collection consisted mostly of cast metal designs with three possible finishes: raw aluminium, polished aluminium and bronze. Many more finishes were added, like brass and stainless steel. As lighting large has special demands so it is suitable everywhere, our whole collection can be categorized as classic, timeless or modern ambience.

Lighting large with LED

For lighting large Quasar Holland has been working with LED (light-emitting diode) for more than ten years now. About 90% of our lighting is equipped with the best quality LED. We used to say LED is for the future, but the future is certainly here. The reasons for using LED for lighting large are quite logic: LED is durable, energy efficient and cost effective. To keep up with the requests for lighting large, we make sure to add new models every year. Every public space lighting certainly qualifies as unique and timeless, being created by world famous designers who we work with closely. The designers are nationally and internationally renowned.  


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