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QUASAR Being a rising star

Do you need a lighting designer? Quasar Holland, a family lighting business that started in 1992, has been a rising star on the international lighting market. Thanks to their collaboration with world-famous top lighting designers their lighting collection is unique and exclusive, and impresses its clients every time again.
The collection has changed somewhat over the last decades, but to this very day Quasar, with the help of its lighting designers, continues to offer many finishes, allowing each design to be used in a classic, timeless or modern ambiance. All models can be customized, so Quasar offers products to everyone’s liking. Every year, Quasar produces completely new models and renews its collection and all models in our collection can be adapted to your wishes with regard to size and color.

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Unique perspective

Unique collection from top lighting designers

The exclusive lighting designers who work for and with Quasar Holland are known, nationally and internationally, for their outstanding and one of a kind lighting ideas. Their creativitiy and the craftsmanship of the family owned business has proven to be a great match: since the international launch at Euroluce Milan in 1992, the company has been like a rising star. Which is the exact meaning of the term ‘quasar’. The term also reflects their lighting and the lighting designers, as the lighting from Quasar is a jewel in your home, office, the hospitality industry or environments like theatres and cinemas, and will shine like a star for everyone to enjoy. Over the years Quasar has developed into into a serious player in the high-end market of lighting design, with international export at 85%. Whether you are looking for a table lamp, floor lamp, wall lamp, chandelier or suspension lamp or other ceiling lamp, the top notch designers who have been working with and for Quasar Holland for a long time now, will no doubt design a unique and fabulous lighting. The lamps do not fall into any category, as each lighting design can be qualified to be timeless, modern or classic. Once your lighting design has been installed, you will undoubtedly enjoy this Dutch product, which will be recognised by connaisseurs as a typical Quasar, immensely.

Lighting designers use LED light

For ten years and more, Quasar and their lighting designers have been working with LED lights (light-emitting diode) into their lighting design, as LED lights are energy efficient, durable and cost effective. Good for your budget and also for the environment. Almost all models are equipped with the best LED quality. Being experienced lighting specialists, Quasar guarantees their customers that the lighting they choose can be tailored to meet the necessary requirements. That way, state the owners of Quasar, each lamp will be like a standout star. Without missing a beat, Quasar Holland introduces new models each year for the national and international market. The lamps continue to be fully customized and manufactured in their own company in Netherlands. The lights have finishes like raw aluminum, finished aluminum and bronze, to name just a few. Why don’t you make an appointment with Quasar to tell them what lighting you are looking for? No dount they can answer all your questions and you will end up with a beatiful and exclusive lighting design, with the signature of one of the world’s top lighting designers.

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