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QUASAR Being a rising star

Are you interested in a lighting designer? Do you need a lighting designer for lighting in your office, company or home? Quasar Holland has been a distinctive lighting designer since the start of the company. As a lighting designer we strive to make each lighting design stand out and contribute to the atmosphere in the room. Every day we add another chapter to the story of our family owned business Quasar Holland. Quasar means ‘a rising star’, which is exactly what we want our company to be within the international lighting market. In 1992 our company was launched internationally at Euroluce, Milan. Ever since the launch we have maintained a strong position and over the past years we have become a serious world player within the international high-end lighting market. This shows in our export, which accounts for 85% of turnover these days. 

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Unique perspective

Lighting designer working with famous designers

In the beginning, Quasar Holland had a collection which contained mainly of cast metal designs with three possible finishes: raw aluminium, polished aluminium and bronze. The collection has changed over the years and as lighting designer we now offer many more finishes. For instance a stainless steel and a brass finish were added. What hasn’t changed is that the whole collection fits in three categories: classic, timeless or modern ambience. We make sure to keep our collection growing and staying strong, through innovation. We also add new lighting designs every year. Each new addition to the collection is unique, timeless and instantly recognised as a Quasar Holland design. We let the designs of our ceiling lamps, floor lamps, table lamps, wall lamps, chandeliers or suspension lamps stand out, by working with world famous national and international designers. They are well known for their unique designs and creativity. Every lighting design can be tailored in order to meet all our clients’ wishes and requirements. Once you have chosen your lighting model, you can choose colour, size and finish of your preference. As lighting designer we are proud to offer personal lighting designs of outstanding quality.

Lighting designers work with LED

As lighting designer we possess our own production hall in Netherlands, where all lighting designs are manufactured. For more than ten years, Quasar Holland has been working with LED (light-emitting diode). The reasons are known by everybody: LED is durable, energy efficient and cost effective. LED was a future lamp, but it is the lamp of today. Around 90% of all our models are equipped with the best quality LED.


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Lighting designer for various lighting forms

In the beginning, Quasar Holland's collection consisted mostly of cast metal designs, which were available in three finishes: raw aluminium, polished aluminium and bronze. Each of the finishes could be categorized in the three main categories: classic, timeless and modern ambience. However, over time we have developed the finishes of our lighting and we are able to offer many more variations. They continue to fit into the same three categories, which makes the applications for our lamps endless. You find our ceiling lamps, floor lamps, table lamps, wall lamps, chandeliers and suspension lamps in many shapes, various finishes and different colours world wide. 

Export of our lighting designs

Quasar Holland has collected a number of dedicated staff to take care of our wide product range. We asked them to describe their work in our company with only a few words. They stated that we select the ultimate design, that we search for the best materials, that we feel responsible for the quality, that every light is a new challenge, that we work with pleasure, that we are organized, strong in logistics and that we know how to export world wide and finally, that we keep working on innovation. Operating in this manner has resulted in our company becoming a serious world player within the international high-end market. At present, our export accounts for 85% of turnover.  

Lighting designer working with LED

For more than a decade, Quasar Holland has been working with LED (light-emitting diode). Usually an LED is built into a small transparent housing of a few millimetres in size, which also functions as a lens. Almost all our models are equipped with high quality LED. Using LED is durable, cost effective and energy efficient. By working with LED, Quasar Holland contributes to a better environment. 

Online tour from lighting designer Quasar Holland 

Of course, you are curious to actually see the lighting models made by Quasar Holland. It is possible to send us a request for a tour through our showroom, which is done online. On our website you can also find the most recent catalogue to browse through. Do you have questions? Don't hesitate to reach out to us!