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Lighting hospitality

QUASAR Being a rising star

Quasar Holland, a family lighting business, has been a rising star on the international high-end lighting market. Quasar presents a lighting hospitality collection that is exclusive, modern and impresses its clients time and time again.
Of course the collection has changed over the last decades, but to this very day Quasar continues to offer many finishes, allowing each design to blend in or stand out in any interior. A big plus is that all lighting hospitality models can be customized, so Quasar’s products can be adapted with regard to size and colour, to fit everyone’s liking. Every year, completely new models are produced and the collection is being renewed all the time.

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Unique perspective

Unique collection of lighting hospitality

Do you need lighting hospitality? Father and founder Teun van Gammeren first launched Quasar internationally in 1992, at Euroluce, a lighting exhibition in Milan, Italy. At that time, Quasar’s collection consisted mainly of cast metal lighting models, available in the finishes bronze, polished aluminium and raw aluminium. Each finish lent itself to one of the categories: classic, modern or timeless. Later Quasar decided to combine these three collections, since they took the premise that all models are strong on their own. Throughout the years as the company grew, Teun got assisted by his sons and many more qualified people. Today, Teun’s sons Arjens and John at the helm ensure that Quasar’s founding principles are respected and built upon. The company collaborates with various international top lighting designers from all over the world, who are proud to work for Quasar. Each new addition to the collection of lighting hospitality is exclusive, timeless and moreover, instantly recognizable as a Quasar product. This has given the lighting company an enormous boost and also allowed it to become more internationally recognized.

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Would you like to learn more about our products or maybe discuss your lighting hospitality project with us? Then please contact us by phone or mail, or fill in the form on our website. We will respond as soon as possible. Regrettably it is no longer possible to actually visit our Giessen showroom. However you are more than welcome to use the opportunity to check out our unique lighting products in an online showroom tour. We feel responsible for the quality of each of our Quasar lighting hospitality products, as every light being a new challenge.
Our company name Quasar, simply defined, means as much as ‘rising star’. Quasar has become renowned within the international lighting market, and the company’s collection continues to burn brighter than ever before, as our collection strengthens and grows, year after year.

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