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Large lights

QUASAR Being a rising star

You are looking for large lights? You have a large space and are in search of suitable lighting for it. Then Quasar is the place to go. A large space requires large lights with the right dimensions. Good, even spread of lighting changes a bleak space into a warm environment that you won’t feel lost in. You can enjoy yourself in a large space, with impressive lamps that will nicely come to life. Our lamps are real eyecatchers that will impress your relations or friends.

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Large lights customized

Looking for large lights? Whether you need large lights for a commercial building or for a living space, you will no doubt succeed at Quasar. We can shape all lamps to the dimension and color of your desire. You can also select the material. Is it going to be aluminum, bronze, stainless steel or brass? We recommend that you first take a look at our selection, so you can find out about the possibilities. We have a basic collection that does not alter. Most of the designs in this collection are available though in different materials which immediate creates a totally different effect. The other collection is replaced annually, by the latest designs of our world-famous top designers. Jan the Bouvrie, Edward of Vliet, Marko Schregardus are a few well-known designers who collaborate with us. Ten designers have affiliated with Quasar and create beautiful new designs every year.

Large lights: sustainable LED lighting

We are ahead in the field of sustainability, because we have been using LED lighting for 10 years. LED is sustainable, energy-efficient and cost-efficient. Almost all of our designs are equipped with the best LED quality. This characterizes our company. We make green choices and are environment-conscious. The Quasar range of lamps is substantial and we are convinced that you will succeed in finding your large lights. We are a reputable company that has existed since 1992. Meanwhile, we have built a worldwide reputation and we export about 75 per cent of our revenue across the entire world. The lamps are produced in our own workshop in Giessen, so you can be sure that you will get a unique lamp that you won’t find elsewhere. Maybe our selection includes a lamp that appeals to you, but it is just a bit different from what you were looking for. In that case, you can tell us how you want it and we will adjust the lamp to your wishes. We will be glad to assist you in getting the lamp of your dreams. We will take on any challenge!

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