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QUASAR Being a rising star

Quasar Holland has become renowned within the international large lights market. Quasar has been a rising star on the high-end large lights market. Quasar is considered to belong to the creative avant-garde in its field of business. Founder and father of the family business Teun van Gammeren first launched Quasar on an international scale at Euroluce, a lighting exhibition that was held in Italy, back in 1992. Throughout the years as the lighting business grew, Teun’s sons, amongst other qualified people, joined the Quasar team. Today, with Arjens and John van Gammeren at the helm, the collection keeps growing and growing, each new addition to the collection being immediately recognizable as a Quasar product. Quasar can mainly attribute the growing and strengthening of its collection to the contribution of various top designers both from the Netherlands and abroad, which allowed the lighting company to become more internationally recognized. Quasar is proud of the fact that the company has been using led lighting for over ten years and we always keep working on new techniques to improve our models. It goes without saying that we only use the best materials for all large lights, that are produced in our own workplace in the Dutch village of Giessen.
Quasar offers its unique large lights in various finishes (either bronze, polished aluminium or raw aluminium), this way allowing each design to fit into almost every interior. Large rooms often offer lots of aesthetic appeal. The illusion of added square footage and much natural light are some of the benefits in a large room, but you also have many more lighting options. There are many different large lights, to exude even more splendor and strength in your room. Quasar experts are happy to assist you in figuring out which large lights can help your room stand out.

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Quasar easily offers large lights to everyone’s liking, since we can customize all models. Let us adapt the large lights of your choosing and change its size, finish or colour to your specific wishes. Of course our collection of large lights has changed over the last years. We keep working with the utmost pleasure and care to produce new models continuously and to renew part of our collection. All of this helped Quasar to create a strong position in the global high-end lighting market. Quasar became a significant world player; its export accounts for 85% of turnover. The lighting company, being strong in logistics, knows how to export its products to all parts of the world, with its customized packaging.

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If you might have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us by phone (8:00 until 17:00 Monday-Friday at 31 (0)183 447 887) or by e-mail ( Regrettably it is not possible to visit our Giessen showroom, so we came up with an alternative: you can check out our unique large lights in an online showroom tour. Feel free to browse our website if you would like to learn more about our large lights products. There you can also see examples of our collection and customized projects. We look forward to hearing from you.

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