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Indoor lighting

QUASAR Being a rising star

Are you looking for indoor lighting? Are you renovating and lamps are still lacking? Or do your existing lamps require replacement because you purchased new furniture? Or do you want to hang a real eyecatcher in the lobby of your company? It doesn’t matter which space it is used for, we will always have suitable indoor lighting for you. This is because of our huge collection of indoor lighting. Our selection is renewed every year. Our world-famous top designers come up with new designs every year. We can create a rustic, industrial or a modern atmosphere with our lamps. Would you like advice about the possibilities our lamps can offer? Then Quasar is the place to go. We are in close contact with our top designers and employees. We know exactly which lamp provides the desired incidence of light or how a lamp should hang or stand in your space.

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Unique perspective


Looking for unique indoor lighting? We have been the one specialist in the field of special lamps since 1992. Each lamp is hand-made and customized to your desires. Before we start producing the lamp, we first like to discuss it with you. This way, we can hear your wishes and demands and process them into your lamp. Apart from our indoor lighting, we also have an extensive and diverse assortment of outdoor lamps. In case of outdoor lamps, we make use of other materials, for you to enjoy your lamps for many years. We know exactly how to play with light to create a suitable atmosphere in your home. Do you want to experience what lamps can do to your home? Then view the assortment on the website and discover the many possibilities of a lamp. Every lamp can be used for a particular mood, but also the light yield of a lamp is important. We can process different kinds of light in your lamp. For instance, we have worked with LED lighting for more than 10 years. We often use warm light to provide the space with a tranquil and cozy atmosphere.


Do you want to get more information about the indoor lighting of Quasar? You can always visit our workshop in Giessen, but we can also be reached by telephone or via email. Do you live far from us and want to receive customized advice? We work together with different companies who can visit you and provide personal advice.

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