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Hospitality lighting

QUASAR Being a rising star

Are you looking for hospitality lighting? Are you looking for hospitality lighting for your hotel, bar or restaurant? Or are you looking for hospitality lighting for your home? By making use of our hospitality lighting, you can create a hospitable and tranquil atmosphere in any environment. Licht determines the looks of your interior and work environment. A unique light source in your home or on the work floor is a real eyecatcher. In addition, it is important that your lighting creates the right atmosphere and provides you with proper light for any desired space. Are you looking for the right hospitality lighting for your company? Then visit our website now and get inspired by our beautiful lamps.

Get inspired by the lighting of Quasar!

Unique perspective

Unique, contemporary and customized

Quasar lamps are unique, contemporary and entirely customized. Do you have special wishes or are you looking for unique lighting? Then Quasar is the place to go. Over the past years we have increasingly expanded our collection and we frequently renew our beautiful lamps. Keep an eye on our website for alternating hospitality lighting. By making use of our hospitality lighting, you can, so to speak, “play with light”. By making use of our beautiful lamps, you can create a certain atmosphere in your desired environment. In a cozy bar or in an atmospheric restaurant, you don’t want to have drinks or wine and dine under bright light. In the setup of a space, the lighting plays a significant role. By making use of our hospitality lighting, you can create the right atmosphere for special occasions. Do you have any questions about our great, unique and customized hospitality lighting? We will be happy to discuss it with you.


Hospitality lighting of Quasar

In 1992 it was the first time for Quasar to joint an international design event. Ever since this event, we have been well-known in the region and far beyond. We work together with famous designers and world-famous names. The tasteful lighting of Quasar exudes class and customization. Our designs are very diverse. This is made possible by our collaboration with top designers of across the entire planet. We deem it important to design unique and contemporary lighting for our customers time and time again. Quasar has been working with LED for more than 10 years. All of our designs are produced in our own workshop in the Netherlands. Are you looking for a specific dimension or color? That is no problem at all! We will make your lighting entirely as you desire.

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