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Hospitality lighting

QUASAR Being a rising star

Are you looking for hospitality lighting? Is the current lighting in your hospitality business not sufficient and do you need to replace your hospitality lighting? Or are you looking into building or redecorating your hotel, restaurant, foyer, nightclub currently and you need to find out more about hospitality lighting? You have come to the right place, as Quasar Holland has everything you need in the field of hospitality lighting. Since Quasar Holland was internationally launched at Euroluce in Milan, Italy, in 1992, we have specialised in hospitality lighting. You will find our lighting not only in Netherlands, but all over the world. In order to make our hospitality lighting stand out, we work together with top designers from around the world. They are renowned for their creativity and unique designs, specifically for hospitality lighting. We aim for the highest, living up to our name: Quasar means ‘rising star’. You will find a strong collection of hospitality lighting at Quasar, along with other lighting. We make sure our collection keeps on growing, by adding completely new models to it every year.

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Beautiful hospitality lighting for your business

As we all know, lighting is important but it is even more important in the hospitality industry. Hospitality lighting can make or break the ambiance in the entrance, in a dining room or in a hotel room, to name just a few. At Quasar we fully understand this. All our lamps are unique, contemporary and, importantly, they can be fully customized. Because of that, we are able to provide the perfect lighting plan for your business. In our collection you will find chandeliers, ceiling lamps, suspension lamps, wall lamps, floor lamps and table lamps. As the owner of a hotel, club, diner or dining room, you know exactly what you need. We can customize the lamps on size and colour and you also get to pick the finishing of the material, like raw aluminium, polished aluminium or bronze for instance. All lamps are manufactured in our own production hall. For over 10 years now, our family owned company has been working with LED (light-emitted diode), so almost all our models are equipped with the best LED quality. LED is not only sustainable, but also cost effective and energy efficient. Over the years the company has developed into a serious world player within the international high-end lighting market. If you are looking for unique, professional hospitality lighting, Quasar Holland is the way to go.

Custom hospitality lighting by Quasar Holland

Quasar Holland not only prides itself with the aforementioned, but also with the fact that all their lighting is completely customized. The clients wishes are met by their designers and once there is agreement on the design, the client decides on the size, the finishing and the colour of the hospitality lighting. It is safe to say a Quasar product is therefore unique, exclusive and timeless, whether you are looking for wall lamps, table lamps, floor lamps, chandeliers, suspension lamps or ceiling lamps. Every year Quasar brings new models to the national and international market. Each one will have that typical, instantly recognised, Quasar identity and it will adorne your business like nothing else. These days, almost all lighting models made by Quasar Holland are fitted with the best LED quality. For more than ten years now, Quasar has been installing LED lights into their models. LED lights (light-emitting diode) are cost effictive, energy efficient and durable, the reason being that the components of an LED light plus the way they generate light significantly extend the lifespan of regular light bulbs.

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