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QUASAR Being a rising star

Do you need high ceiling lighting? Do you have a large space, a high ceiling or any other room that requires high ceiling lighting? We can assure you that you have reached the right address, because specialist Quasar Holland had a large collection in high ceiling lighting! Quasar Holland was internationally launched in 1992 at Euroluce in Milan, Italy,  by our founder, Teun van Gammeren. Euroluce is the International Lighting Exhibition, famous for the most innovative solutions in the field of light for interiors and exteriors that are presented there. It is held every two years and recognized as the global benchmark lighting exhibition and the greatest avant-garde trade fair. We are still a family owned and operated company. Our office is established in Giessen, Netherlands, where you also find our production hall. All our lighting and high ceiling lighting is being manufactured there. Our name Quasar is not chosen by chance. Said shortly, it means ‘a rising star’ and that is exactly what we aim for with all our high ceiling lighting and with our company. Our whole collection must stand out like star, contributing to the perfect ambience in various rooms or large spaces. That is the reason we collaborate with world famous designers, creating unique and contemporary designs. 

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Unique perspective

High ceiling lighting and more

In Quasar Holland’s great collection you find high ceiling lamps, chandeliers,  suspended lamps and suspension lamps, and also floor lamps, table lamps and wall lamps. You can provide an entire room with the right, matching lamps and create the perfect atmosphere, mainly because our high ceiling lighting can be fully customized. You choose colour, size and finish! In the early days, we offered mainly cast metal lighting designs, available in three finishes: raw aluminium, polished aluminium and bronze, fitting in the categories classic, timeless or modern ambience. We have added many more finishes, like copper and brass, but also many more colours are available. Each year we add complete new models to our already large collection, to give our clients more and new options all the time. What makes our high ceiling lighting so unique and contemporary, is the fact that all models can be fully customized. Our clients can choose colour, size and finish. 

High ceiling lighting equipped with LED

Since more than ten years, we have equipped our high ceiling lighting with LED (light-emitting diode), because we all know that LED is durable, energy efficient and cost effective. Therefore, almost all our models are equipped with the best LED quality. 


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Quasar Holland: your high ceiling lighting specialist

Are you confronted with a high ceiling and so, you are looking for high ceiling lighting? Quasar Holland, lighting specialist, has the high ceiling lighting you need! Over 30 years ago, our company was founded by Teun van Gammeren. He made sure a wide variety of lighting formed our collection and to this day, you still find lots of choices for the high ceiling lighting. At Quasar Holland you will also find:

All our lighting models, including the high ceiling lighting, can be fully customized. You pick the model you like the most and then you decide on the size, the colour and the finish. As a specialist we make sure you purchase the perfect fitting high ceiling lighting.

Beautiful high ceiling lighting

Just to give you some examples of what Quasar Holland has to offer, we name you the Mira, Adamas, Crystal Galaxy and Nobilis. They were all designed by Jan Pauwels. All high ceiling lighting of the highest quality, made of the best materials and with total dedication of our team. We manufacture all lighting ourselves in our own production hall.

In the Mira high ceiling lighting you see the asfour crystals sparkling in a transparent structure, and this elegance makes the chandelier a timeless high ceiling lighting. The circuit boards have LEDs on both sides. We call the Adamas a diamond in the rough. It twinkles and is absolutely an eyecatcher in every room. The Crystal Galaxy high ceiling lighting, also a transparent structure, lets the crystals shine like bright stars in the galaxy. The Nobilis has a different style high ceiling lighting. We see it as a modern reinterpretation of grandma’s old ceiling lamp. The lightbulbs and tiny metal rods are the only two basic elements of this light fixture, and they give the lamp its shape and structure.

Would you like to see the high ceiling lighting in real life? We invite you to pay us a visit in Giessen, where our offices, production hall and the showroom are. If you are not able to come see us, then we suggest you take the virtual tour of the showroom on our website.

New models high ceiling lighting every year

Every year, we add new models to our collection. We are able to do this, because we collaborate with world famous designers, whose creations are timeless and unique. We export our high ceiling lighting and all other lighting worldwide. Since 1992 we have become a serious world player in the international high-end lighting market. We produce lighting for many different sectors, like:

We use the highest quality LED in almost all our models these days, because as you know, LED is sustainable, cost-effective and energy-efficient.