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Quasar Holland is a family lighting business that is based in the Dutch village of Giessen. Quasar focuses on the international high-end lighting market. Simply defined, the company’s name ‘Quasar’ means as much as ‘rising star’ and its collection continues to burn brighter and brighter, as the collection keeps growing. Thanks to the collaboration with a varied group of designers, its high ceiling lighting collection is exclusive and eye-catching. Quasar offers its unique high ceiling lighting in various finishes, allowing each design to fit into every possible interiors. Rooms with high ceilings offer lots of aesthetic appeal. The illusion of added square footage and tons of natural light are some of the benefits of having a high ceiling. You also have more decor options. High ceilings make it possible to explore what you can do with different high ceiling lighting options. The experts at Quasar are happy to assist you in figuring out which high ceiling lighting can help your room stand out.

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Exclusive collection of high ceiling lighting

In 1992, Teun van Gammeren, founder of Quasar, launched his company internationally at Euroluce, the lighting exhibition held in Italy. Quasar’s collection in the early years consisted for the greater part of cast metal lighting designs, available in different finishes (such as polished and raw aluminium and bronze). Later Quasar decided to join the different collections to make a strong one, since all separate designs are high quality and remarkable. This one collection is expanded with exclusive designs every year, thanks to the collaboration with various top lighting designers from the Netherlands and abroad, who are all very proud to work for the Dutch company.
Quasar is a bespoke lighting specialist, and that is why you can adapt a certain model to your specific requirements, regardless whether you want the high ceiling lighting of your choice to be different in finish, colour or size. Then you truly have an exclusive product that will keep impressing your visitors. Quasar uses only the best materials for our products and all of our employees work with the utmost care and pleasure, and we keep working on new innovation techniques. All this has helped Quasar become a serious world player within the high-end high ceiling lighting market. Right now, its export accounts for an impressive 85% of turnover. Quasar, being strong in logistics, knows how to export worldwide, so you need not worry about that.

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Wondering whether Quasar’s high ceiling lighting products are suitable for you? On this website you can have a look at our collection, as well as at some of our projects. Regrettably a physical visit to our showroom in Giessen, the Netherlands is not an option, but you are welcome to view our high ceiling lighting and other impressive lighting projects in an online showroom tour. It is always possible to discuss your creative project, and we look forward to being of service to you.

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