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Are you looking for exclusive lights? Are you looking for a contemporary lamp, which you can hang or place in every space you wish? Look no further. We warmly welcome you to Quasar. Quasar is a concept in Netherlands and far beyond. We gladly offer you our long years of experience with customizing exclusive lights. We all have our preferences when it comes to lighting and this is especially true for exclusive lighting. However, besides the design, it is important that you have the right lighting for the right space. Only then exclusive lights will be used and enjoyed optimally. With our wide experience we can not only advise you on exclusive lights, but we will also produce it for you.

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About Quasar: exclusive lights specialist

In 1992 Quasar has become a major player in the lighting industry market. In this year we have been very successful abroad. We then presented ourselves at an international fair in Milan. This is where our international contacts originated, which we still have today. Many customers know where to find us in the beautiful village of Giessen. In addition, we have various suppliers throughout Netherlands where you can admire our lamps. You can use the exclusive lights from Quasar in different areas of your home. We also offer various lamps that you can use in a restaurant or foyer. The choice is totally up to you. By adding an exclusive light to your home, you can create a pleasant and contemporary atmosphere in no time. Quasar has been working with LED lighting for more than 10 years. LED is durable, energy efficient and cost effective. Almost all our models are equipped with the best LED quality. Good lighting is important for every room. It allows you to create exactly the atmosphere you want.

Would you like to know more about exclusive lights by Quasar?

Would you like to know more about the unique and exclusive lights by Quasar? Are you curious to find out if we are able to translate your wishes into a unique design? All models are fully customized according to the wishes regarding size and colour. Quasar follows the latest trends and developments and implements them in the new creations. All our lamps are made in our own workshop in Giessen and we export many lamps all over the world from here. Our exports amount to approximately 75 percent of the total turnover.


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