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Quasar Holland is a family lighting business, based in Giessen, the Netherlands, that produces exclusive lighting for the high-end market. Simply defined, the meaning of the word ‘Quasar’ is ‘rising star’. Quasar’s collection continues to burn brighter and brighter, as its collection grows. In 1992, Teun van Gammeren, founder of the company, launched Quasar internationally at the lighting exhibition Euroluce, held in Italy. In the early years, the collection of Quasar consisted for the greater part of cast metal lighting designs, available in different finishes (bronze, polished aluminium and raw aluminium). Later Quasar decided to combine the three collections into a single one, because it seemed not necessary to distinguish separate collections and since then, Quasar presents one collection with only strong designs and it consists of beautiful exclusive lighting.

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Unique collection of exclusive lighting

Quasar is a bespoke lighting specialist, which allows you to adapt the design of your choice to your specific requirements, regardless whether you want the exclusive lighting to be different in colour, size or finish. Then you truly have a unique, exclusive product. Of course Quasar keeps working on innovation techniques and that is why we work with the best materials only and all our employees work with pleasure and the utmost care. All exclusive lighting products are produced in our own workplace in Giessen. Thanks to collaborating with world-famous lighting designers from the Netherlands and abroad, its exclusive lighting collection is a true eye-catcher. Quasar has become renowned within the high-end lighting market on a global basis, offering its exclusive lighting in various finishes, allowing each design to fit into different interiors: classic, timeless or modern ambiances, for instance. The collection is being enriched by remarkable designs every year. Thanks to a steady growth of Quasar’s collection, the company is proud to belong to the creative avant-garde in the international decorative high-end lighting market.

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Would you like to see more of our exclusive lighting products? Please feel free to browse our website, where you can admire our collection, as well as some of our projects. A physical visit to our showroom in Giessen is no longer possible unfortunately, but you are more than welcome to have a look at our exclusive lighting in a free online showroom tour. If you fill in the form on our website we get back to you or you can give us a call directly at 31 (0)183 447 887 or send us an email any time (info@quasar.nl). Of course we look forward to being of service to you or plan a productive talk to discuss your creative project.

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