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QUASAR Being a rising star

You are looking for exclusive lamps? You want a unique lamp that you won’t find anywhere else? Then Quasar is the ideal destination! We specialize in the field of unique and exceptional exclusive lamps. It doesn’t matter if you want a lamp for your home, office or club, we have a suitable lamp for any location. Good lighting is important for any space. It will create the exact atmosphere that you want. If you take a look at our selection, maybe the perfect lamp is among them. This way you will get an impression of what is possible. Most designs are available in different finishings, which changes the effect immediately. For example aluminum, stainless steel, brass or bronze. All designs can be made entirely in the desired dimensions and colors. We can totally adjust the lamps to your wishes. If you go for exclusive Quasar lamps, then you will get a true eyecatcher in your home that will make visitors fall silent.

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Unique perspective

Exclusive lamps with sustainable LED lighting

Looking for an exclusive lamps specialist? We have worked with LED lighting for 10 years. LED is sustainable, energy-efficient and cost-efficient. Almost all of our designs are equipped with the best LED quality. This is what characterizes our company. We make green choices and are environment-conscious. our exclusive lamps are not only beautiful and unique, but also sustainable! Different world-famous top designers, like Jan des Bouvrie and Edward of Vliet, work for us. The regularly come up with wonderful new designs for which reason we annually renew our collection. This makes Quasar one of the most creative lighting companies. We follow the latest trends and developments and yet our collection is also timeless and the lamps will fit in any interior. All of our lamps are produced in our own workshop in Giessen and from here, we export a large number of lamps across the entire world. Our export is about 75 per cent of our total revenue.

Exclusive lamps for the right lighting

Our company has existed since 1992. At the time, we introduced ourselves at an international trade fair in Milan. That is where our international contacts were established. Would you like to know more the designers that collaborate with us? They introduce themselves on the website. You can contact Quasar for all kinds of exclusive lamps. Do you require basic lighting, mood lighting or functional lighting? We assist you in finding the right lighting. Do you want a ceiling lamp, hanging lamp, table lamp, wall lamp or floor lamp? Anything is possible with us. We will take on any challenge!


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