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QUASAR Being a rising star

Wether you are looking for exclusive and unique lighting in your home or in a theatre, hospitality business, an office or frankly, any place that deserves well balanced and beautiful lighting, Dutch light from Quasar Holland is the way to go for you. This well known family business was founded in 1992, was launched internationally at Euroluce in Milan and has since then been ‘a rising star’, the exact meaning of the term ‘quasar’. Of course, the large and varied collection of Dutch light, designed exclusively by Quasar, has changed and evolved over the years; from only three finishes, raw aluminum, finished aluminum and bronze, to many more finishes to meet as many client demands as possible. However, what has not changed between the founding of the company and the present, is that all designs fit in the classic category, timeless category and modern ambience category. Over the years one category really was enough, as each strong design fits in any category. Each, as they say at Quasar, a standout star.

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Unique perspective

Quasar, Dutch light in design and manufacturing

Every year new models are introduced into the Dutch light collection by Quasar. The company works with national and international renowed and talented designers, so clients are quaranteed a unique and timeless lighting product, which will be instantly recognised as a typical Quasar lighting. Needless to say but however important to mention is the fact that all designs are made in Netherlands, so you can be assured you own a true Dutch light product. Also, all lamps are customized to your wishes: in design, in finish and in colour. Quasar has been working with LED lights (light-emitting diode) for over ten years. LED lights are durable, energy efficient and cost effective. Almost all Dutch light models are equipped with the best LED quality. Being experienced lighting specialists, we can guarantee each customer that the lighting they choose can be tailored to meet the necessary requirements.

Quasar’s Dutch light in the future

With all our experience nationally and internationally, the new models we introduce each year, the fact that we can design and manufacture unique and beautiful lighting for every room or space our clients ask us for, has made Quasar a serious player in the international high-end lighting market. We produce, of course, for the Dutch market, but our export has reached the 85% mark. Quasar will continue to develop, so more and more beautiful lighting creations will be adorning the world.

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