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Custom lighting

QUASAR Being a rising star

Have you ever looked at lighting for your home or company and thought: this is just not it? Next time, go to Quasar Holland. Their designs for lighting in homes and a wide variety of companies are unique, exclusive and most importantly: customized. The clients of Quasar decide on design, finishing of the product and the colour. That way the custom lighting always meets your demands, taste and will complement the room or multiple rooms in your home or company. Of course, the experts at Quasar make sure all technical requirements are met when developing a custom lighting plan. Ever since Quasar Holland was launched internationally at Euroluce in Milan in 1992, the company has been ‘a rising star’, which is the meaning of the word ‘quasar’. Over the years the custom lighting of Quasar has reached the 85% export mark, which is no surprise, as the company keeps investing in new models every year. Also, the custom lighting is exclusively designed by top notch designers from around the world, who are well-known for their creativity and uniqueness. This combined with the enthusiasm of the people at the family owned company, the great craftsmenship and their drive to make the best custom lighting possible, creates a custom lighting that will stand out. Stand out like a star, as Quasar says, and which will instantly recognised as a Quasar product.

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Unique perspective

Custom lighting made by Quasar Holland

As we all know, LED lights (light-emitting diode) are durable, energy efficient and cost effective. The reason is that the components of an LED light and the way they generate light significantly extend the lifespan of regular light bulbs. Therefore, Quasar Holland has been working with LED lights for over ten years now and will definitely continue to do so. Almost all light models made by Quasar are equipped with the best LED quality.

Various custom lighting

Whether you are looking for a wall lamp, table lamp, floor lamp, chandelier, suspension lamp or other celing lamp, no doubt Quasar can create what you looking for. The clients share their wishes, the designers create a custom lighting and then the clients decide on the finishing and the colour of the product. That way, you can be assured your lighting is timeless, unique and fully customized. The top designers who have been working with Quasar for a long time now, have created so much beautiful custom lighting for so many different rooms and spaces in so many places, they undoubtedly will come up with a wonderful lighting plan for you.

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