Gorgeous crystal pendant light from Quasar Holland

QUASAR Being a rising star

Are you searching for a stunning light to fill a room, dining room, entry to a house, restaurant or a hotel? Quasar Holland created a large collection of lighting, including the gorgeous crystal pendant light. There is no doubt we can provide you with the perfect crystal pendant light, because one of our strong points is that we can tailor each model in our collection, including the crystal pendant light. Quasar Holland was founded in 1992. Since that date we have worked together with world-famous designers all the time, for the simple fact that they guarantee us creativity, uniqueness and also, timeless lighting designs. As examples for a crystal pendant light, we can name you:

  • Alistair suspension,
  • Crystal Galaxy pendant light,
  • Mira crystal pendant light,

The Alistair suspension, designed by Edward van Vliet, is available as a square crystal pendant light and as a rectangle, which gives the room a distinctive atmosphere. The Crystal Galaxy is available as a crystal pendant light or as a crystal ceiling lamp, which also goes for the Mira design. Both designs were created by Jan Pauwels. The crystals in all those lighting models sparkle like stars in the galaxy.

Get inspired by the lighting of Quasar!

Unique perspective

Crystal pendant light by Quasar Holland

Quasar Holland is located in Giessen, Netherlands. In this small town our founder Teun van Gammeren started the company and to this day, we are still family owned and operated. In Giessen you find our offices and the showroom, and also our manufacturing hall. All our lighting is produced in the hall by our own employees, who make sure every crystal pendant light is made to perfection. We welcome you warmly in our showroom to see the crystal pendant light in real life. There you can also see that the crystal pendant light can be combined very well with matching table lamps, floor lamps and wall lamps. When you visit our showroom, we can also take you to the recently installed Quasar Lab. The inhouse Lab is what the second generation, Arjens and John van Gammeren, call ‘a workplace for our designers and all others who are engaged in conceiving, designing and developing new products or objects. Creativity meets technology and experience meets innovation in the Lab. We work with 3D modelling software, not only for designing but also for improving our lighting products.’ If you do not have the opportunity to come to Giessen, then please take the virtual tour of our showroom here on the website.

Crystal pendant light with LED

For more than a decade now, Quasar Holland has been installing light-emitting diodes (LED) into our lighting. All models are equipped with the best quality LED these days, because, as we all know, LED is durable, cost-effective and energy-efficient. To keep our collection strong, growing and attractive, we add completely new models to it every year. Quasar Holland is proud to say we have become a serious player in the international market of high-end lighting. Our exports accounts for 85% of turnover at present.


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