Beautiful crystal chandelier by Quasar Holland

QUASAR Being a rising star

Is your ultimate favourite lamp a crystal chandelier? We couldn’t agree with you more. In our long history, Quasar Holland loves to manufacture a stunning crystal chandelier for any space you can think of, like:

  • your home,
  • hospitality industry,
  • offices,
  • retail,
  • public space.

You find Quasar Holland in Giessen, Netherlands, where we own a production hall, in which we manufacture the crystal chandelier ourselves. If you would like to see the crystal chandelier yourself, then we warmly invite you to come visit us and walk around our showroom. We have several examples of the crystal chandelier displayed in different settings. No able to travel to Giessen? We have put a virtual tour of our showroom here on our website, which gives a very good impression of the crystal chandeliers we have to offer and of all our other lighting.

Get inspired by the lighting of Quasar!

Unique perspective

Crystal chandelier tailored

In our collection you will find a stunning crystal chandelier, named Crystal Galaxy Chandelier. It was designed by Jan Pauwels, who says about this light: “Like bright stars in the galaxy, the crystals are sparkling in this transparent structure.” Another beautiful crystal chandelier is the Mira Chandelier, also designed by Jan Pauwels. About this design he states: “Asfour crystals are sparkling in this transparent structure. This elegance makes the chandelier timeless. The circuit boards have leds on both sides. Two thirds of the light is going downwards and one third is going upwards.” In most of our models we are installing LEDs these days. The advantages or lLED is well-known: leds are sustainable, energy-efficient and cost-effective.

Quasar was founded in 1992 by Teun van Gammeren. That same year, he launched his company internationally at the famous lighting exhibition Euroluce in Milan, Italy. Since that day we have become a serious world player in the international high-end market of lighting. We are exporting all over the world. We have made it a company goal to always work together closely with world famous designers, because they give us so much creativity to work with. Their designs are unique, making our lighting a perfect fit in modern, classic or timeless ambiances.

Crystal chandelier customized

The best part about all Quasar Holland’s lighting is the fact that every model can be completely customized. It works rather simple: you choose your favourite model of the crystal chandelier and then you choose the size, finish and colour. Our dedicated team makes sure to use the best materials, creating a high-quality product.

In order to stay ahead, we have recently installed our inhouse Quasar Lab. Our motto in the Lab is: ‘where creativity meets technology and where experience meets innovation.’ It is the perfect workplace for designers and our team, consisting of young talents and experienced employees. Together they work on conceiving, designing and developing new products.


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