Commercial lighting

QUASAR Being a rising star

Are you looking for commercial lighting? Haven’t you really decided what kind of lamp you want to hang? We will be happy to help you find your customized commercial lighting. We have a wide range of lamps and, in addition, designs, while we produce lamps customized for you. You can find our entire assortment on our website. Apart from the assortment on the website, you can also take your own design to us. Together with our designers and you, we will study your design and view the possibilities. Our catalogue will inspire you regarding the possibilities that we can offer you. We have a basic collection that is available in different finishings and in different materials. The materials that we mainly make use of, are stainless steel, brass, bronze and aluminum. These materials can give the lamp a classic or modern appearance and can perfectly be used as commercial lighting.

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Unique perspective

Extensive collection of commercial lighting

Over the past years the commercial lighting collection of Quasar has expanded substantially. Our designers come up with new designs every year. Quasar strives to expand the assortment and to provide everyone with a unique lamp. Each Quasar designer has his own style of designing, which keeps our selection diverse. Due to the gradual growth in products, Quasar has become one of the most creative lighting companies in the world. Would you like to have LED lighting in your home? We have worked with LED lighting for more than 10 years. LED lighting is no longer the lighting of the future, but is the lighting we currently use ! We specialize in the field of commercial lighting.

More information about commercial lighting?

Have you become curious about the Quasar assortment? Then go to our website, view the assortment and let us know what you prefer. Any lamp can be made customized, by making use of different colors and materials. We would be happy to discuss suitable possibilities with you. You can always visit our workshop for customized advice. If you do not live in the Netherlands or not near our workshop in Giessen, you can contact us by telephone. We will gladly advise you about the composition of materials and the colors of a lamp and the suitable type for certain spaces. A commercial lighting can be big or small and very decisive for a space. We would like to hear about your preferences regarding the lamp of your dreams and will happily set to work for you.


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