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QUASAR Being a rising star

Are you looking for commercial lamps? Are you looking for unique and special lamps with which you can give any room an extra boost? Are you looking for commercial lamps, which at the same time are also real eye-catchers? Then look no further. We warmly welcome you to Quasar and we can offer you what you are looking for. Quasar is a household name in the Netherlands and far beyond. We offer you a wide range of different types and sizes of commercial lamps that you can use in different rooms. Think of the living room, office or in a restaurant and theatre. The possibilities at Quasar are very diverse and therefore, endless. Our designers know how to combine LED lighting with beautiful materials, like brass, stainless steel and bronze or a combination of those. Are you curious about our wide range of lamps? We invite you to take a look at this website.

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Unique perspective

About Quasar’s commercial lamps

Quasar is a real family company. Our name means ‘rising star’ and this is how we see our company becoming a rising star within the international lighting market. We work with experts and top designers so that we can design and realize the most beautiful creations for our customers. In 1992 Quasar presented the collection internationally for the first time at Euroluce in Milan. From that year on, many customers know where to find us and they now enjoy our beautiful lighting. The right lamp and the right lighting are essential for the atmosphere in a room. By using the commercial lamps from Quasar you can create the right atmosphere in an instant. Quasar has been working with LED for over 10 years now, as LED is durable, energy efficient and cost effective. Almost all our models are equipped with the best LED quality. Combining LED lighting with stainless steel, bronze or aluminum creates a unique product. Quasar has its own workshop in Netherlands.

Custom commercial lamps at Quasar

Would you like to know more about commercial lamps made by Quasar? Are you curious about our wide range of lighting? You can now book a showroom tour with us online. This way you can look around our showroom from your seat. In addition, you can of course schedule an appointment with us, so we can introduce ourselves to you and we can get to know you and your wishes for commercial lamps. We would be happy to discuss your wishes for the realization of your custom commercial lamp. Quasar’s designs are unique, contemporary and completely customized. We work together with world-famous top designers who like to work for our customers. All models can be made completely to the customer’s desired size and colour.


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