Brass pendant light manufactured by Quasar Holland

QUASAR Being a rising star

Have you been interested in unique lighting, particularly a brass pendant? Do not keep searching any longer, as Quasar Holland has the largest collection lighting with brass pendants. Our brass pendant lamp is available in many shapes, because all our models of the brass pendant are exclusively designed for Quasar Holland. Since our company was launched internationally in Milan, Italy, we have made a company policy to always work with world top designers. These designers are well known for their creative, unique and contemporary designs. Best of all, the brass pendant lamp, like all our other lighting, is fully tailored. You pick the model of your preference and then you decide which size, finish and colour you would like. Because we can tailor to everybody’s wishes, our lamps are adorning many rooms all over world. You find the brass pendant in the hospitality field, but also in offices, retail and public spaces. In your home, the brass pendant is a true eye-catcher and it will undoubtedly be instantly recognised as a true Quasar Holland lamp. Quasar Holland’s main goal is to create lighting with technical depth. Our lamps are minimalist, but expressive, of true Dutch design.

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Unique perspective

Glowing brass pendant, made by Quasar Holland

Is your lighting plan ready for a makeover and are you thinking about adding a brass pendant? Does your lighting need replacement all together or are you interested in a totally new lighting plan, with a brass pendant among other lamps? Say no more, because Quasar Holland has the ultimate solution with not only a brass pendant, but with a whole series of matching lamps! “We call this the Julia Double pendant or chandelier”, say John and Arjens van Gammeren. “This brass pendant was designed by Daniël Becker and it is an reinterpretation of the classic textile plissé shade. The Julia series includes suspensions, chandeliers of pendant, wall lamps, floor lamps and table lamps. All lamps consist of two shades: the outer is handmade of brass, the inner is made of translucent glass.” The fixture of the brass pendant and the other lamps are supplied with dim to warm LED lamps. It has a black canopy with a cover plate in matching colour of the fixture.

Brass pendant customized

At Quasar Holland, every model can be fully customized to your preferences. You pick the model, and then you pick the size, the colour and the finish. You realize, that this also goes for the brass pendant. All models fit into the categories classic, timeless and modern ambience. To keep our collection strong, it is renewed annually with completely new models. To be able to do that, we have made it a company key point to collaborate with world famous designers all the time. The national and internationally highly regarded top designers stand for unique, creative and contemporary designs. We are proud to have the designs in our collection, but better, when we see them complimenting a room in all kinds of places. Quasar Holland manufactures lighting for different segments, all over the world. One can think of:

  • homes,
  • offices,
  • hospitality industry,
  • retail,
  • public space.

Brass pendant and more since 1992

Our family company Quasar Holland was founded in 1992 and was launched internationally that same year at Euroluce in Milan, Italy. Euroluce is the International Lighting Exhibition which is held every two years. It is the place where the latest devices for outdoor, indoor and industrial lighting as well as lighting for shows and events, hospital lighting and special use lighting, home automation and lighting systems, light sources and lighting application are presented. Founder Teun van Gammeren and now his sons feel in their element at this trade fair, as Euroluce is not just the meeting place and business venue par excellence, it is also the most avantgarde trade fair in the field of eco-sustainability and energy saving in both the decorative and the lighting technology sectors. This is one of the reasons why Quasar Holland has been installing LED (light-emitting diode) in all our lighting. LED is durable, energy-efficient and cost-effective, so we all benefit by using LED. Quasar Holland is located in Giessen, Netherlands. Besides our offices and showroom, you will also find our own production hall there, where we manufacture all lighting ourselves.


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