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Eugène Paashuis

About Eugène Paashuis

Making light and breaking it, that’s what it is all about.

The emphasis is on fixtures with LED, forcing technical challenges into poetical shapes, without losing their functionality. The most literal example, which perfectly represents Eugène’s career, is STILL MOVING: century old film stills in a very modern fixture.

After becoming an engineer in the seventies, Eugène Paashuis soon switched to filmmaking. He worked as a freelance documentary maker for Dutch public television. From 1993 onwards he was employed bij VPRO Television, where he made films for numerous programs, such as VPRO Backlight (Tegenlicht).
Most of his spare time was spent in the workshop, making furniture and lights. Home-made stuff, prototypes and some assignments.
LumiEus was founded in 2013; more time for designing lights, less for filming.


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